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Sexual harassment & how employment lawyers can help!

The work place has become a common ground for harassment for many years. However, this situation has changed due to strict laws implemented by Toronto to control such outrageous behavior. Interestingly, many employment law firms in Toronto state that it is not always the woman subject to harassment and men also face similar problems. There are many types of harassment that an individual can face in the work place and they two major types are:

  1. Discriminatory Harassment – The individual need not be subjected to physical contact or verbal abuse, but sexual harassment can be in the form of discrimination as well. De Bousquet Toronto explains this condition with an example. If the employer or the boss invites only men for a meeting leaving out women, then it is considered as a bias decision and the women can file a discriminatory sexual harassment law suit against the company. There must be equality in the office and everyone should respect that.
  2. Severe Harassment – If an individual is targeted in the work place for being a particular gender, color or religion; then, it comes under severe harassment. With the help of an employment lawyer Toronto the individual can immediately file a case against the company or the individuals. In instances like these, many companies have faced severe problems and some were even closed. So frequent harassment can harm the individual who has done it and the work place also.

Lawyers’ advice

According to employment law firms in Toronto, many employees in the work place are not aware of these laws and tease people casually. If this goes out of hand and fun doesn’t remain fun anymore, the individual can react in a severe manner. Therefore, the companies have to take responsibilities and follow strict policies to ensure that harassment is not seen in the office.

A lawyer can take any gesture like signaling, abusing, unwanted physical contact, sexual jokes, derogatory movements of the limbs, etc. to file a case against an individual. For those who are experiencing such situations in real life, they can confidently hire an employment lawyer Toronto to take care of the situation.

The victim’s responsibility

Before going for legal help, the individual has to understand certain things. The first thing is that the other person might have been doing some gestures as a result of some previous unintentional response from the side of the individual [victim]. It is agreeable that matters like that are hard to remember, but the individual has to intimate the person to stop such advances as they are hurting emotions. The second thing, if the person doesn’t take heed, is to complain to the supervisor or superiors about the matter. If there is a union for employees, it is suggestible to take the matter in front of them. If the situation is not resolved even after all the efforts, and then the individual [either male or female] can approach a lawyer and take legal actions. Once the matter enters the hands of a lawyer, an individual can be assured that justice is done and the person is punished appropriately.

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Understanding the assault charges through a questionnaire!

In Toronto, assault charges have increased many folds when compared to the previous decade and these exclude simple assault charges. It is unfortunate that such violent acts are performed in the region and it seems like there is no stopping it. The legal system treats assault as a violent charge resulting in severe punishment to the convict. Unfortunately, there are people who do not understand the law properly and get boggled by the flamboyance of the opponent’s lawyer which results in unjustified punishments. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the criminal lawyers in Toronto the following questions to understand the nature of the case and how would be the consequences.

#1 – What is the charge on me?

The term ‘assault’ is used with different understanding in different countries and states. Therefore, the individual has to know about the difference between assault and battery, how they will be deemed by the court and how the verdict can change if the case falls into each of the categories. By approaching Brian Ross Law Firm the individual can understand the charges on him and to which category it will fall into. There can be profound difference between the two and the way the lawyer can penetrate into the legal system to ensure the lowest of charges are levied on the client is the quintessential thing for a defendant. Finally, the individual would be able to understand the nature of the charges and can expect the verdict accordingly.

#2 – Is the charge on me a misdemeanor case or a felony?

There are many categories found in the ‘assault’ charges. An experienced lawyer from a Toronto criminal law firm can explain about them quite easily. If the client committed the crime without any serious intention, then it would fall under misdemeanor. If the crime is threatening or serious with the use of a weapon or without it can come under felony. Through the help of a lawyer, if the case is not strong on felony, it would be reduced to misdemeanor.

#3 – Is the case of the prosecution strong?

In most of the cases in assault charges, the understanding of the crime would be on the statements collected at the scene or from either parties. This leads to inconclusive arrests and they leave the rest to the court. Therefore, it is important for an individual to understand where he stands when it comes to clues or witnesses against him. Professional criminal lawyers in Toronto will investigate into the case thoroughly over and over again to clearly sort out the positive and negative aspects in the case. They will explain the stand of the client in the case and the possibilities that could emerge.

#4 – Are there any alternatives for Jail Time?

There are many cases in Toronto where the guilty was accepted to be devoid of jail time. However, this means the individual has to attend regular counseling sessions and anger management classes. There are many possible alternatives which can be explained in a Toronto criminal law firm.

These are the most important questions of all that can help the individual to understand the magnitude of the crime and how a lawyer can help to reduce the sentence. However, there are hundreds or thousands of questions that need answering and they will be answered once an individual meets the lawyer directly.

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Are We Too Quick to Judge?

Canada happens to be one of the most developed countries in the world. Yet we find our people to leave impartialjudgment in criminal cases behind. The perception about criminals who are going through trials needs reform. And why it needs reform you may ask. There is no open dialogue for criminals.

And it is not just the people, some aspects of the system need change aswell. Perhaps, the call for bail reforms by criminal lawyers in Toronto is one of the many incidents pointing to the strict policies that are too hard for inmates even those who are facing trial and have not pleaded guilty. J. Hershberg, a Toronto criminal law firm fights for criminal defense and finds that people lack the basic understanding of the law of the land. And the law of the land says that someone is innocent until proven guilty.

People were too quick to assume that someone who has been linked with a crime is perhaps the committer. However, there is a growing eagerness in people about the criminal cases. There have been so many cases involving criminals who suffer from serious mental illnesses. It has virtually changed the rhetoric about criminal defense.

The case of the Toronto police officer, James Forcillo, who was found guilty of murder attempt of the mentallyill victim Sammy Yatim and the case of Mathew De Grood who killed five students and suffered from mental illness as well have contributed to the changing perception of the general people. And this is true that our country has a serious problem of mental illness resulting in violence and murder.

The public seems to be learning from its mistakes. Perhaps we were too quick to judge Senator Mike Duffy. The whole case had so many turning points that it kept the public hooked. And this case in particular clearly showed the interest of people in criminal cases. But there was something else that people learned too that the process to uncover the truth is crucial. And one should not rush to judgment and deem someone a criminal until the person has been proven guilty. He was acquitted of all 31 criminal charges at the end shocking everyone around the country.

The rising interest of the people means that the reform in the handling of criminals will be widely accepted by the people. Now that they understand the importance of the legal process and the need to take into account health of the criminals, any reform for the better criminal justice system will not see much opposition from the public.

Gone are the days when court proceedings were hidden in the walls of the court and were not spoken about until the next day when the news appeared in the newspaper. Social media spreads the news like wild fire. And the humungous amount of tweets and shares of criminal cases shows that people want to be kept in the loop. This of course has helped changed the attitude of people for such cases. It should help make them more objective and know that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

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Advanced Business Concepts for Entrepreneurs

I examine a newspaper tale approximately a young guy named Michael Walton who became raging in opposition to the network university dean over remedial abilties test. He changed into a self-proclaimed math whiz due to the fact he aced his excessive school math guides and will stability his personal checkbook.

regrettably, he didn’t take into account that the mathematics went past the ones basic stages. no longer knowing approximately extra superior math concepts prevented him from furthering his education.

no longer understanding approximately greater superior commercial enterprise principles can hold entrepreneurs from going similarly; it is able to save you them from earning extra revenue, serving extra customers, increasing one’s professional network, recruiting the first-class workforce, and main more efficaciously with less effort.

So, how do you get smarter and observe that in your business? here are five basics to don’t forget:

You need new enter, to make new connections and widen your scope of wondering. without new thoughts from media, guidance books, and new relationships you could grow to be isolated.
You need to know your personal working system. This consists of your values and perception structures. Many marketers I work with do not recognise how a good deal strength is dedicated to maintaining values and ideals every day which are unexamined, in conflict with every different, in opposition with stated desires and unhelpful in other ways.
You want demanding situations, so that you grow. enterprise presents a certain set of demanding situations – getting new clients, coping with tasks, coordinating team of workers, growing new products, or entering new markets. however from time to time the challenges which might be best to your business are the ones you are least possibly to look. i’m reminded of a education consumer who stated the pleasant element we did twelve months turned into having her work fewer hours and delegate extra responsibility.
You want guide as you are taking on larger demanding situations. help can come in exceptional bureaucracy, from structures that make sure regular outcomes to personnel who will take delivery of extra ranges of duty.
You need responsibility. occasionally, you can try this for yourself; but it works better to have a courting wherein you can set goals and document to them along with your development and effects.
After Michael Walton finished ranting approximately how unfair the tests, processes, and way of life had been, he buckled down and took the remedial publications. He favored the new substances so much, that now he’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree in math and plans to educate.

What are you doing nowadays that could amaze yourself four years ago? imagine the opportunities in 2010 as you construct a more potent business and richer life!

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