Understanding the assault charges through a questionnaire!

In Toronto, assault charges have increased many folds when compared to the previous decade and these exclude simple assault charges. It is unfortunate that such violent acts are performed in the region and it seems like there is no stopping it. The legal system treats assault as a violent charge resulting in severe punishment to the convict. Unfortunately, there are people who do not understand the law properly and get boggled by the flamboyance of the opponent’s lawyer which results in unjustified punishments. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the criminal lawyers in Toronto the following questions to understand the nature of the case and how would be the consequences.

#1 – What is the charge on me?

The term ‘assault’ is used with different understanding in different countries and states. Therefore, the individual has to know about the difference between assault and battery, how they will be deemed by the court and how the verdict can change if the case falls into each of the categories. By approaching Brian Ross Law Firm the individual can understand the charges on him and to which category it will fall into. There can be profound difference between the two and the way the lawyer can penetrate into the legal system to ensure the lowest of charges are levied on the client is the quintessential thing for a defendant. Finally, the individual would be able to understand the nature of the charges and can expect the verdict accordingly.

#2 – Is the charge on me a misdemeanor case or a felony?

There are many categories found in the ‘assault’ charges. An experienced lawyer from a Toronto criminal law firm can explain about them quite easily. If the client committed the crime without any serious intention, then it would fall under misdemeanor. If the crime is threatening or serious with the use of a weapon or without it can come under felony. Through the help of a lawyer, if the case is not strong on felony, it would be reduced to misdemeanor.

#3 – Is the case of the prosecution strong?

In most of the cases in assault charges, the understanding of the crime would be on the statements collected at the scene or from either parties. This leads to inconclusive arrests and they leave the rest to the court. Therefore, it is important for an individual to understand where he stands when it comes to clues or witnesses against him. Professional criminal lawyers in Toronto will investigate into the case thoroughly over and over again to clearly sort out the positive and negative aspects in the case. They will explain the stand of the client in the case and the possibilities that could emerge.

#4 – Are there any alternatives for Jail Time?

There are many cases in Toronto where the guilty was accepted to be devoid of jail time. However, this means the individual has to attend regular counseling sessions and anger management classes. There are many possible alternatives which can be explained in a Toronto criminal law firm.

These are the most important questions of all that can help the individual to understand the magnitude of the crime and how a lawyer can help to reduce the sentence. However, there are hundreds or thousands of questions that need answering and they will be answered once an individual meets the lawyer directly.